Coordination in patrol and supervision of marine environmental resources

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The Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands and the Vietnam Coast Guard have just signed cooperation agreements in 2017. It continues the cooperation of 2016.

Accordingly, two parties continue to effectively coordinate all signed activities in the sea and continental shelf of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Continuing to reform the way of coordination to ensure effective exchange of information, quickly handling problems; Strengthening the exchange of information and announcement on policies and laws relating to integrated management of natural resources and environment of the sea and islands; Intensifying the coordination in patrolling and controlling the situation on observance of law provisions in the management of marine natural resources and environment, promptly detecting and handling violations according to the provisions of law; Promoting the dissemination and education of the law on marine natural resources and environment for fishermen... At the same time, two units also highly agree on the coordination in order to achieve the highest efficiency in law enforcement at sea and together comment on relevant legal documents.

In 2016, to execute the Coordination Regulation No.11557/QC-BQP-BTNMT, leaders of the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands and leaders of the Vietnam Coast Guard agreed to implement 6 basic coordination points and to direct the specialized agencies of two sides to take initiative in coordinating, elaborating plans and organizing the patrol of marine environment, as well as contributions on the elaboration of legal documents aimed at raising the efficiency of marine environmental management.

Furthermore, the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands has coordinated with the Vietnam Coast Guard and concerned units to set up two working missions to examine and monitor the implementation of the law in the management of exploiting and using the natural resources and protecting the environment of seas and islands; The current state of the marine environment in coastal provinces and cities.

Through the results of coordinated inspection, they have acknowledged the observance of the legislation on natural resources of seas and islands in the localities; Propagating the law on natural resources and environment of seas and islands and guiding the concerned organizations and individuals to strictly apply the measures of environmental protection according to the current law provisions and receive feedbacks of local businesses and government. On that basis, recommendations may be proposed to the competent authorities to overcome the remaining problems.

Through the coordination in patrol with the Vietnam Coast Guard, the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands considers this mission a very necessary and effective task contributing to strengthening the state management and the coastal businesses’ observance of law provisions on natural resources and environment of seas and islands. Therefore, officers of the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands have learned to improve their professional skills in patrol as well as their sense of responsibility to serve the people.



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