Promoting the application of Remote Sensing Technology in Vietnam

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This is the topic discussed by national and international experts at the workshop “Remote Sensing Technology for Vietnam's Sustainable Economic Development - Land Based Approach”, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The workshop provided opportunities for Vietnamese organizations of science and technology and scientists to exchange and share experiences and new applications of remote sensing technology with experts from France, USA... to serve sustainable economic development and environmental protection.

The issue that many experts are interested in is promoting and improving the quality of applying remote sensing technology in management and planning of sustainable water resources; monitoring the impacts of climate change and rise of sea level; managing the irrigation in the Red River basin; managing the risk and environment in coastal areas…

One of the policy issues recommended by experts is that Vietnam needs to develop policies to encourage private sector’s participation in the development of remote sensing technology.

At present, Vietnam has the VNREDSat-1 remote sensing satellite, which was launched in orbit in 2013. According to the development plan, Vietnam will have LOTUSat-1 satellite in 2019 and LOTUSat-2 satellite in 2022. In addition, the national database on remote sensing and some specialized facilities have been developed.

The Strategy of Vietnam for Research and Application of Space Technology to 2020 has been approved by the Prime Minister. Particularly, the application of remote sensing technology to serve the national socio-economic development is one of the top priorities. This strategy also provides an important foundation for the development of remote sensing technology in Vietnam.

Specifically, in the meteorological and hydrographic field, the Ministry of Natural resources and environment has combined GIS technology and AHP-IDM methodology to develop a map for the risk of shoreline landslide; developing a map for the risk of flooding; developing climate change scenarios, investigation on resources; monitoring and managing forest resources, water resources...



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